Raffle Time

Over the past 5 years I’ve raffled one or 2 quilts a year and donated the money raised to a local family that has serious medical bills.  They have always done pretty well just passing it around facebook but this go round it seems to have possibly run it’s course as we have only a handful of tickets sold.   Based on this go round, I may end up putting it on hold for 2019 or simply discontinue it.  I know even if we only sell $100 in tickets that still helps a family but it doesn’t make sense to spend $200+ on fabric and months of work to raise less than the costs to make it.

This is the quilt we are raffling for the 2nd half of 2018.  Tickets sales run thru December 9th with the drawing December 10.  So far we have about $80 in sales and an additional $220 one person purchased.  I was oping to equal the May one that hit $1,300 but it looks unlikely.   It’s a bargello heart made in blues, greens and browns.   Queen size – 100% quilt shop quality fabrics and quilted in white poly thread.  The fabrics are so much prettier in person.



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