The UFO Pile is Dwindling

I am slowly working my way thru a pile of tops that I let accumulate that needed to be quilted.  Once they were basted I realized there were 7 of them and as you can see from prior posts, I’ve been working my through getting them quilted and bound.  I got so excited when I realized they were all quilted and after these 2 there was just one left to bind and I was caught up.  Then I realized this month I was piecing 3 more tops (2 are now done) so I again have a basting pile started.  I enjoy being a home body and I enjoy sewing so I think there will always be a “waiting to be basted” pile.   I’m not even done binding the last one from that prior group and I have 2 back in that pile.

This 4 patch posey is one I was practicing the technique on and realized I left out a green strip in one corner.  Since it’s just a new floor quilt for the pups I didn’t worry about going back and fixing it.   I asked and the boys said they didn’t mind it like that.  LOL.   The border is the original fabric and all the blocks are made with that one fabric.  I wasn’t sure about the green but it really came out pretty.

3 dogs


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