What a Whirlwind. Vacation Stop No. 1

I feel like I just came back from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  LOL.  I heard that somewhere and while I’ve never actually been on that ride, the name explains my vacation.  I got to see family, meet new friends and meet ones I have known online for years but never met.

Stop number 1 was Virginia.  I won’t go into my stay at the Best Western in Wytheville so suffice it to say, avoid that hotel at all costs.   The state is beautiful and certainly cooler than Florida but the whole reason for stopping was to meet Ms. Brenda King.  Mark and Jill drove over from Marietta and we had a fabulous day.

What a super lady.  Not only did we get to meet her in person but she gave up her day to show us around the area and a lot of historical sites that pertain to not only the area but her family in particular.   Such much history and she takes great care of that history and shares it with everyone.  It boggles my mind how much work and dedication she has put into tracking it, matching pictures to diaries and keeping it all straight.  She even showed us a community cannery.  I had no idea those even existed.

While there not only did I get to sit in one of aunt Gertrude’s actual rockers but I got to see and learn about the legendary Updyke rock.  Hope I spelled that right.  It was at her old homestead and she had it moved to her current house.  Oh the things I bet that rock has seen.    We even got the privilege of having our photos taken not only with Brenda, but on the Updyke rock.   I better message her and see if I spelled that right.

We saw so many amazing things including a brief glimpse into her quilt collection and were gifted with homemade jam, apple butter and an awesome lady bug painted rock.


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