More Going Out the Door

I am so thrilled that I am getting some of these tops done and they are going out the door so people can enjoy them.  Lately I have been gifting them to friends and co-workers of my daughter.  I love knowing they will get used.

This pink and black quilt was an absolute nightmare for me.  I simply cannot make tops without patterns.  I shredded 2 different fabrics sewing it wrong.  In the beginning, I even had all my teacups going sideways.  After taking it apart and remaking it 3 times, I thought wow I’m done, only to realize I had left black strips off the end of some rows.  I was not taking that thing apart again and laid it aside to quilt for the pups. I am so happy it found a home.  My daughters friend Tonia fell in love.  Even when I showed her the mistake she said she didn’t quite see what I meant.  I think it was destined to belong to her.   So it is now finished and residing in it’s new home.

The second quilt is one of my favorite patterns called Puzzle Box.  I just love it even though I’ve only made it once before. This was going to a young man so I wanted something masculine.  That isn’t as easy as it sounds in the quilt world, so viola, turtles.   I think the photo taken outside represents the colors more accurately on the turtle quilt.



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