She Will Kill Me For Putting Her on My Blog

So after years of nagging my daughter and worrying about the cyst on her jaw line, I put my foot down and told her it had to go.   Can you imagine asking your child how it looked to her and hearing “I don’t look in mirrors anymore”?  It broke my heart.

She has seen 2 doctors that have told her it could paralyze her face so I understand it was scaring her, but I set a goal I would find someone that would tell us what it was or tell us where we needed to go.  So after a few trips of can’t help you and being referred to USF even I was getting disheartened.  The USF doctors would only see her if she got a CAT scan first.  Who ever heard of having one before a doctor ever saw you?  When I called to schedule it, even the lab thought it odd as they would have no idea what kind of scan he would want.

I decided one more call to the new place in Zhills and then we’d just do the CAT scan and see USF hoping we didn’t have to pay for a second one after he saw her.  I looked into Riverchase Dermatology as they had several offices in Florida, including the new one near us.  I am so glad we made the call.  Not only did they agree to see her but said if they couldn’t help they would find us someone that could.

Wow after less than a 5 minute consultation, Dr. Blake said the whole situation was crazy.  If was a hard cyst with nothing to drain and he saw no reason any dermatologist couldn’t have removed it.   He even told her come back that afternoon and he would do the removal.  What a blessing.

Although it required a quick ER visit for bleeding that night,  it was just a matter of her head getting too low so they just cleaned and redid the bandage.  Tomorrow after 2 weeks, her stitches come out. Finally when she looks in a mirror she will see how beautiful we have always seen when we look at her.  But if you don’t leave the sutures alone – you get the cone.


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