Helping Each Other – Like The Old Days

Remember how people used to help each other?  It seems like you don’t see a lot of that anymore.  We say hope you feel better.  We casually throw out call if you need anything but do we really mean it?  I challenge anyone who reads this.  Next time you hear of a sick friend.  A struggling mom or dad.  Someone that could use a helping hand.  Don’t just say call if you need me.   Just lend a hand without waiting for that call.

I especially gravitate toward single friends when I hear they are ill.  Many times we don’t stop and think about the fact that they live alone.  No matter how sick you are or how hurt you are, when you live alone you still have to do laundry, pick up the house, cook so you can eat, take care of pets, etc.  Being single I often wonder what I’d do if I was really sick or recovering from a hospital stay. How would I feed and take my dogs out?  The house still needs to be cleaned, the laundry done.

I’ve decided I’m not waiting for people to voice a need anymore.  I’m just going to volunteer and offer to do it.  This weekend I was able to make a sick friend several days of meals and only used up half my day.  Can’t you give up half a day to help a friend?

Oh maybe an extra hour to wash dishes lol.



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