I Hope It Was A Little Like Christmas

I can’t begin to explain how much work and thought Jill and Mark seem to put into each and every gift.  Jill spent what I will assume months making pin cushions and poofs.  Not only just hand made ones but each has something she wanted to share.   One was trim we used on a joint quilt, one was fabric I had shared with her and one had her grandmother broach.   That way we shared something that belonged to her grandmother.  She even gifted my friend Diane with them as well.  How awesome is that.   The poof – I don’t want to think how much cussing was involved in making that but I love it.  Finally a foot stool I won’t smash my toes into.  She knows I hate that.  I think you will see from the pics though that Merlin has claimed it.   What sister spends hours watching videos to make you something special?

Not to be outdone, Mark topped off the gift list with an amazing blue vintage sewing machine.  I had mentioned it a few months ago and he drove to Coolville Ohio and got it for me.  I absolutely LOVE it and everything they gave/made us.   I won’t share my pineapple pillows till I get the new to me sofa set up.  I can’t wait to display them.   Oh and a nifty stun gun as well.  Must not forget to mention that.

I just love those 2 so much.   I wish I had gotten more done for their gifts.  They paled in comparison.



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