Sometimes I forget about my blog.  A friend posted she started one yesterday and it reminded I have forgotten to update mine in a few months.  When you’re single and mostly just spend time working and with your pups, there isn’t s lot you need to blog about I guess.  I pretty much live life in the slow lane.

Here are a few quilts I’ve actually been able to list as complete so far this year.  The diamond quilt was made using KF fabrics and a pattern called Bordered Diamonds.  So far I’ve decided to keep this one for myself.  I think it will be a bed topper for my room.

This next one was very similar to the one made for my daughter’s co-worker last year.  My dog trainer saw the yellow and absolutely fell in love.   I don’t normally made one so close looking but he really loved it.   Started it before Christmas as was finally able to get it quilted and delivered to him.


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