White 659 Sewing Machine

Writers Note Added:     After some research from Juki I found the machine was likely made in the mid to late 50’s not the early 1960’s as I stated.  It was made bu Juki for White.   Her threading system was invented by Juki in 1954 and is termed a rotary needle thread take-up system. 

After some searching I had to write a little more about the White sewing machine I was gifted.   I have to admit it was the first machine that had me stumped.  I can’t remember how many times I have said to people “they all pretty much thread the same”.  Damn was I wrong.

I played with this machine when I got home from Ohio and she ran so smooth.  I hadn’t even oiled her yet but she didn’t make so much as a squeak.  I was lucky enough to get the manual with the machine so I pulled it out and checked the thread diagram.  Yeah it was a bit different.  Only one I’ve seen that had 12 steps listed to thread it but I got it done.

I guess it wasn’t that simple as she wouldn’t sew.  No matter what I tried.  I changed the needle, changed the bobbin, wound a new bobbin, changed types of thread 3 times and still just knots.   I posted in the vintage White groups but no one had the same machine and they all suggested things I had already done.  Well as I’ve said in the past, you can learn everything you ever need to know on Google.  Problem was, even the manual doesn’t list what model she is.  So after some research of photos I finally found 2 people that actually posted a picture of the same machine although both were years ago.

She is a White 659x.  One video I found only showed you how she looked sewing so that wasn’t helpful but, I finally stumbled across a blog that had the same threading issue and he had located someone that provided him a photo with red lines added explaining the thread path.  Thankfully he included that picture on his blog.  I couldn’t wait to get home and see if that was her issue.  Never have I seen a machine that the thread runs to the front then doubles back over itself and goes to the back.

WOW.   The minute I walked in I fed the dogs and tried to thread the machine.  Magic happened.  She needed a minor tension adjustment but once that was done and she was threaded correctly, she sews like she did brand new and I haven’t even oiled her yet. I am thrilled.

So this weekend she will get a spa day with a nice layer of oil, a new needle, new bobbins, a quarter inch foot and she will be as good as the day she was born.  1960-1961 from what I can find researching her.   For 57-58 years old she is a dream.  SHe even has a knee lever so I can use her when my feet are acting up.

And although I have posted her prior, here she is – – – – – Ms. Barbara.  (named after the original owner)

Next up.  Get that Brother Festival defrosted and try to find a left homed quarter inch foot.




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