I Feel Whole Again

Ever have that one item you use so much and think you can’t do without.  Mine was always my Nu Wave oven.  Crazy as it sounds I have had one for about 15+ years and use it 3 or more times a week.  A few months back I bought the Nu Wave Bravo which is a nice replacement for my air fryer and using my large oven.  So, when my NuWave cracked I tossed it out and figured why order another as I have the Bravo.

That lasted about 2 months now and it just isn’t the same.  Maybe if I figured out all the functions and all the features but I still miss my original NuWave Pro.   There is nothing like coming home and frozen or no, you can pop it your dinner and it cooks.  I can’t think of anything you really can’t cook in a Pro.  Needless to say, I decided to replace it.  Checking out Ebay was an excellent idea as they go for about half the regular price for brand new ones.

Not only did I get a new unopened box but I got it about less than the regular website and it’s the sexy red one.  That’s my sister’s word, sexy but it describes it so well.  She fits right in with the rest of the kitchen.  She even included silicone cup cake cups and a nice 8 inch silicone baking pan.

I pulled out some chicken, marinated it and fired it up.  I feel whole again.  Doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.


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