I Seem to Forget

It seems like I often forget to add to my blog. It’s more than likely that I don’t have much to blog about except quilting and let’s face it, that can get boring to the average person. Between work, cleaning the house, cooking, taking care of dogs, etc. I don’t leave a lot of free time for much else. But, I’m ok with that as I’m pretty much a home-body. I enjoy being home and relaxing or creating quilts.

Here are a couple I just finished in 2021. This first one is in my closet till it finds a place to be donated. A need always comes along eventually. I made it using a solid ivory and an asian them jelly roll. I really love how it came out.

This next one is one I’m giving to the client that gave me their aunts 1960 White sewing machine. I wanted to say thank you with something personal that shows I appreciate the gift of something that belonged to family. The machine is beautiful and I hope she enjoys the quilt. I’m not really that into florals but she’s very feminine and I thought she’d like it.


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