I Missed My Sister Time

I had wanted to go to Ohio and visit my sexy sister and her amazing hubby early this year but thanks to the IRS extending the tax deadline that got put on hold. I arranged to go my usual time in May but then got sick so again it’s been put on hold. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to that visit each year. It’s like the highlight of my year. Now to find a new date I can go.

I did get to finish the quilt Jilly’s other half sister requested. It’s funny how much I worried whether a blind lady would like it or not. The store sent me the wrong fabric twice then was out of what I originally wanted so it got changed to make it larger using a different idea. I still am not crazy about it but her only request was blue and white. I tried to add some texture with the 3-D flying geese in 2 corners so I hope she likes it. Now to get to Ohio to deliver it.


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