People Suck

I have always been more than willing to help people any time I can. I told myself last time a friend moved in and abused the situation I would never do that again. 18 months ago when my daughter’s co-worker asked to stay in my guest room a while, I should have stuck to that decision.

I hate to say it, but never let anyone but family move into your home. She was supposed to stay 8 months and that became 18 months. 18 months of cooking every meal for someone, helping them with whatever they needed, paying for food, providing a clean, safe place to live and that person just spits on you. I don’t have it in me to do again.

When she moved she left my guest room filthy, nasty and just plain gross. A shower covered in hair dye stains, mildewed tiles and grout. The sink and floor tiles stained with hair dye and I won’t even talk about the filth of the toilet. I can’t imagine any kind of decent woman that would use that bathroom on a daily basis as nasty as it was. I have seen men not clean bathrooms but none like the filth this woman left behind. She took bed sheets and pillows that look like that hadn’t been washed in months, rolled them up and stuffed them behind the headboard of the bed. The room size rug looked like it hadn’t been so much as vacuumed since she moved in. I have to ask myself, does someone like that have no self respect or simple bathing habits? Friends said well it isn’t her home so she doesn’t care, but she had to live in that filth daily and who does that?

But I have learned my lesson and it was that you can’t help dishonest, evil people. She lived in my home, ate the food I bought and paid for and I find out now she was cheating me and using me to steal from her employer. She’d tell me she paid the bills when my boys went to the vet with her and to just repay her, Turns out she was stealing the money and just putting it in her own pocket. Never again will I open my home to someone not family and the world has her to thank you that.

Thanks to my son in laws help and a huge chuck out of my budget, it is finally all cleaned except replacing the bathroom sink stained with hair dye and regrouting the floor. That has to wait till I pay off all the items we had to replace. Everything went in the trash except the drapes and mattress. It looks livable again.


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