My New Guest Room

The first 4 years in my house I used the master bedroom and the kids used the front 2 bedrooms. When they moved, I moved to the front bedroom and used my master for a guest room. After hosting “friends’ 3 different times over the years and having my mind and home abused, things ruined, etc., I decided no one else will be living with me that’s not family. Then I realized I have 400 square feet of my house that gets used a week or two a year and decided to make some changes.

Instead of using my spare front room for my sewing room, I have now made that my guest room. I put in a sofa bed, cubbies for storing things if I have guests and all it needs now is painting, baseboards replaced and a quilt for the wall. I love that the sofa lays flat and makes a twin size bed and upright it has room behind it to store pillows and sheets.


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