The Great Fire of 2022

I say that in jest and thank the Lord is was something minor. I had Claudia and Marie over and was sewing while making dinner. We are sewing away when every smoke alarm in my house went off. I had put a potato in the microwave for Shannon, and I guess the microwave must have shorted out. It not only burnt the plate but the potato was on fire and the microwave full of flames.

You like to think you react quickly but all I could think of was call my son in law. Thankfully Marie put out the microwave while the amazing Claudia took the flaming potato outside. I am so thankful she didn’t burn herself. They even helped clean up the mess and even stayed for dinner after all that. Oh and no, we didn’t have that potato for dinner.

Here’s a comparison to a regular potato. Remember that old commercial, this is your brain and this is your brain on drugs.


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