Ta-Da. I Finally Arrived at Hotel Hartshorn

Ok people, you have not stayed at a hotel until you have stayed at Hotel Hartshorn.  Upon arrival you are met by two fur babies that are so excited to see you, no matter who you are.  Maggie and little Etta.    I’m so mad I forgot to get a picture of little Etta but I will include one of cuddle bug Maggie with the pictures.

Immediately upon being shown to your room, you realize it was arranged and decorated just for you.  From pineapples (because I stand tall and wear a crown and I’m sweet – lol) to chocolates, to a basket of necessities.  There was nothing the owners did not think of.  Even a handmade pillow to take home as a memory of your stay.  All that awesomeness and they still take you out for an amazing Indian dinner.  Chicken curry, chicken briania, tandora chicken and something really hot Mark ate that I don’t recall.  We even got to take it home and relax while we ate.  You can bet I’ll reserve a room here next time I come to Ohio.maggie.jpg


On to Vacation Stop No. 2

Mark was so gracious and let Jill drive my car the rest of the way to Ohio.  THANK YOU MARK.  Hopefully it gave him some time to stop and smell the roses on the way home as well because you know of course, Jilly and I couldn’t possibly leave Virginia without stopping at the local quilt shop.

What a hoot that when I looked them up, I found it was the same shop I’d just recently purchased fabric from online called Sew What.  What a neat little shop and such friendly employees.  Just so happened we caught the last day of a big sale.

Of course Jill finds tons in the sale room but I rarely if ever do.  I did find one Singer fabric on sale as well as a pattern and the background fabric in the regular priced room.   Here’s my haul from the Virginia shop.

What a Whirlwind. Vacation Stop No. 1

I feel like I just came back from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  LOL.  I heard that somewhere and while I’ve never actually been on that ride, the name explains my vacation.  I got to see family, meet new friends and meet ones I have known online for years but never met.

Stop number 1 was Virginia.  I won’t go into my stay at the Best Western in Wytheville so suffice it to say, avoid that hotel at all costs.   The state is beautiful and certainly cooler than Florida but the whole reason for stopping was to meet Ms. Brenda King.  Mark and Jill drove over from Marietta and we had a fabulous day.

What a super lady.  Not only did we get to meet her in person but she gave up her day to show us around the area and a lot of historical sites that pertain to not only the area but her family in particular.   Such much history and she takes great care of that history and shares it with everyone.  It boggles my mind how much work and dedication she has put into tracking it, matching pictures to diaries and keeping it all straight.  She even showed us a community cannery.  I had no idea those even existed.

While there not only did I get to sit in one of aunt Gertrude’s actual rockers but I got to see and learn about the legendary Updyke rock.  Hope I spelled that right.  It was at her old homestead and she had it moved to her current house.  Oh the things I bet that rock has seen.    We even got the privilege of having our photos taken not only with Brenda, but on the Updyke rock.   I better message her and see if I spelled that right.

We saw so many amazing things including a brief glimpse into her quilt collection and were gifted with homemade jam, apple butter and an awesome lady bug painted rock.

For Military Appreciation Week

One of the vet tech co-workers of my daughter’s is a young veteran so I wanted to thank him for his service.   Not only did he love it but insisted on being in the picture with the quilt.   I enjoyed the pattern and am beginning to really enjoy paper piecing.   Hope it brings him some joy as well.    Pictures are before it was quilted and after it was delivered.

Late is Better Than Never

If you can’t tell by the fall flowers, this was intended for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to hang it over the glass panel in my front door.  Well as usual it was made in time but had to wait it’s turn to get quilted and bound.

It’s finally done last week and it can hang up next fall.  I might even use it for a tablecloth for Thanksgiving cause my amazing sister is coming.  I think I have 5 more to baste and quilt.


My Queen of Ween

I have no idea why I fell in love with this panel when I saw it, but I did.  I ordered it from a couple of places only to hear sold out, back ordered, etc.  Finally found a seller on Amazon in China that had 2 left.  So I bought them and shared one with my friend Dee.  It’s been laying on my chair waiting for binding for about 2 months and it’s finally done.

No pattern.  I just added my own ideas to a panel in the center.   The border is hard to see but it’s all bones.


Where Does The Time GO?

Can’t believe I’m been absent again since February.  Seems like I never have much to post about.  Life consists of working, taking care of the house and the dogs.

I am excited to be going to Ohio in May and visiting my sexy sister Jill and her muffin husband Mark.   Then it’s off to Michigan to meet a long time online friend in person.  Can’t wait.   See you with pictures some time soon.

A Log Cabin That Lays Flat

One of the basic beginner quilt blocks has been a headache to me from day one.  I love the log cabin and the court house step blocks but have struggled for years to get the blocks made to lay flat.   I’ve bought special rulers, squares etc. and still they never want to lay flat.

I decided I would try the Missouri Star pattern for a curved log cabin.  Viloa, 36 flat blocks.  I was impressed.  After putting them together twice and picking them back apart, I finally found a layout I liked.    Not sure where it will end up living, but it’s finished.   They are made using a Robert Kaufman jelly roll called Holiday Flourish and a silver on white small print.


It’s Not Christmas But . . . .

It’s not Christmas but I finished this for Ms. Glenda Smith.  She loved the wall hangings I made for the Creation Station Christmas party last year and I promise to make her one.   However, I was in the process of teaching a magic tile quilt for the group and she loved the vintage Christmas prints from Robert Kaufman.  I decided to gift her the entire quilt.

It just so happens that the fabric set came with a beautiful panel so I finally pieced it and made her a table topper to match her quilt.  Got it finished and quilted and last week was able to gift it to her.   Difficult to tell in the picture but the fabrics are all really pretty metallics.