I love those boys

Well my borders have moved out but I call them that loosely.  It is so disheartening to think that you’re helping people because they are like family to you only to realize that you were never anything more than a source of income to them.  But we all live how we choose and account for ourselves in the end.

Since I now have a free room they boys have their own daytime play room.  They aren’t thrilled with the  avocado colored wall but I paid a fortune for that paint and I’m not repainting it anytime soon.   Don’t you love my baby gate idea?  Argus climbs over the gate so I added a second one.  Shannon calls it redneck but it works quite well.


One thought on “I love those boys

  1. It just reminds me of our house. When u have dogs your house works a whole different way. Everything is baby proofed and there’s a swing gate at every room. I got tired of dealing with dogs and the tension gate. Our door areas weren’t friendly for those. Some didn’t fit just right. That’s just life with dogs, and I personally wouldn’t want it any other way!


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