Couple of quilts finished

I don’t get a lot of time to do the actual quilting of my tops since I got the pups.  It requires I pay attention and trying to stop every 5 minutes and see what the mongrels are doing is tedious and ends up looking like bad quilting.   The cubes came out terrible.  I tried to do a stitch in the ditch and not only was it my first time trying that, you really can’t stitch a straight line on a long arm without doing ruler work or using a regular machine with a walking foot.   But it’s ok as this is one of the quilts I was doing to learn new techniques. It’s going to stay at my house so I can live with the fact it’s not perfect.   I learned a lot quilting it also.   It’s just stitched down the vertical rows then thru the top of every other set of cubes horizontally.   Simple but I learned about straight stitching on a long arm.


One thought on “Couple of quilts finished

  1. I’m sure u r the only one would see there wasn’t something absolutely perfect. Because I bet everyone else would see a stunning quilt, just as I see!!!!!! you are so talented and have such amazing flare for color and pattern combinations!!! So proud of you!😘


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