Pretty but too pastel for me

Just one of my kits I was sewing up for someone.  I didn’t learn any new techniques on this one but I did work out some ideas on color placement.   I am not overly fond of pastel fabrics as I like bold, stark colors.  Piecing this is was just so pastel that I added the black to the center pinwheels as it had the same blue roses.  I did NOT like the final piece once it was done.  I hoped by adding the same black to the outer edge it would pull that color into line with the others so I used it for the binding.  It did pull it together some what but I learned that pastel all by itself is ok sometimes as well.   Once in a while someone sees a quilt they just love or sparks a memory and they immediately love it.   Well one of Shannon’s friends immediately loved it so it will go live with Ms. Allison.


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