Can I do this? I think so!

After so many articles in the paper about police killed or attacked for no other reason than wearing a uniform and firefighters told to remove American flags from trucks, I decided we as a nation need to step up and remind police and firefighters that we believe in them and are there to support them as they do us.   A couple of weeks ago I dropped off several pizza to the local police department.  I’m sure they were appreciated but it does little to say thanks.    I put blue lives matter stickers on my car and our local jeep club has had a BBQ and convoy of jeep along the beach to bring awareness of the issue and serve lunch to officers.   In order to show my support I decided to also make a quilt for each of our Zephyrhills firefighters.  People keep saying wow that’s amazing.  But no, it really isn’t.  These are men and women that would run into a blazing house to save even my dog.   There aren’t many people that would do that.   Do you think even your best friend would run into your house on fire to get you?  We’d like to think so but  . . . . . .

Zephyrhills has 21 firefighters and 9 cadets in their program so as a community service project, I’ve decided to make each a quilt.   One local lady who doesn’t quilt has also offered to learn to make one so she can be a part of the project.   So, the age old question of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop has been replaced with how long does it take to cut, sew, quilt and bind 30 quilts?   It will be expensive and it will be a lot of work but it’s nothing compared to what these men and women do every day.


One thought on “Can I do this? I think so!

  1. U r an amazing leader Vicky!!!!!!! I would love to live in a world where there was more consideration for others like u see the world!!!!!!! Z-hills will be colored in beautiful colors very soon!!!!!!!! Rock on to your volunteer!


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