Fabrics have started arriving

I think I hit every online sale I could find and the local quilt store twice last week.  I even made it to the 30% off sale at the local quilt shop.  It’s scary when it rings up $330 after the 30% off but it’s for an excellent cause.  I know I can cover the costs and do the work or God would not have led me to start this project.

Here are the fabrics I’ve found so far for the fire department quilts.  All 30 will be red, white and blue.    I have 3 cut out and 27 left to go.


2 thoughts on “Fabrics have started arriving

  1. U r such a rock star!!!!!!!!!!! What a labor of love. I’m sorry I have no clue as to how to quilt and live an entire day’s drive away, but I do very much hope u can get some help with these amazing gifts. When we do come for a visit I’d be happy to help with easier things that a non-quilter can do for u. I’m so,proud u r my sister!!!!


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