Bed Saga Continues

After selling my waterbed when I bought the new house, I have now bought 4 beds in 6 years and I hate them all.  I’m not sure when I made the decision to have a regular bed but it was a bad decision.    When I redid my bedroom in the front I went back to a softside but the master bedroom already had a bed frame so I tried a memory foam mattress.    I absolutely hate it.  Wait, hate is not a strong enough word, I loathe it.

So, while people think water beds are old school, I went back to one.   I think I still love the free flow bag water beds but the people who make them tell me with RA I should get a soft side again so I did.  Here’s my old bed taken apart and ready to go to it’s new home.   Not to worry, Ms. Tonja gave it a wonderful new home.



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