New Bed

I was glad that I got a lot of the bed saga done before Robert woke up.  I feel bad he has to help me with so much so I wanted to get as much done as possible before he came over.  As you can see from the prior bed saga post, I was able to get the entire old bed dismantled and moved into the living room before he got up.   I got the new bed moved from the living room to the bedroom and holy crap that was a chore.  2 of the boxes were so heavy took me 15 minutes to move just those from one end of house to the other.  But step one is done.  Boxes moved.

After that, Lord help me, was the crazy instructions.  It is nearly impossible to assemble anything, let alone heavy stuff, with 3 crazy dogs that feel the need to help you.   I was able to at least unpack everything and get the frame put together.  Robert arrived as I was unpacking the foundation which worked well cause I couldn’t have done the mattress alone.

After that it was a matter of putting the mattress together and adding the liner.   Thank goodness he was there to help with that.   Then we hooked up 2 hoses and waited.

new bed liner


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