Hardee’s? How about NO.

I’ve decided I’m going to start doing reviews on places I eat and people I do business with.  Kind of like google reviews but on my blog.  Yes, I know, too much free time.

So never having been to a Hardee’s before and hearing how wonderful they are, I stopped in this am.   Ok first, what?  Everything comes on a biscuit?  I hate biscuits.  Apparently you can order a texas toast sandwich which takes extra time and since it was also thick, heavy slices of bread, I opted for the egg & cheese biscuit.   Not being a big fan of fried foods I passed on the hashbrown and added a tea.  Apparently it costs more if you don’t get the hashbrown?   That made no sense so I just said add them and then I find the tea isn’t ready that early so I have to get a coke.  Forget changing your order after you’ve paid, they would need to wait for the manager who would be back in a few minutes.   Strike One.

Now to what I actually received.  Hashbrown’s?  No.  Flat tater tots half cooked obviously in grease that wasn’t hot enough so it resulted in these limp, greasy balls of grossness.   Pass on those.  The coke – well what’s to be said – it’s a coke. Strike Two.

Ok this egg & cheese biscuit that the cashier said, just wait you’ll love it.   Who loves this thing?  First you get a greasy biscuit with a egg half the size of an egg mcmuffin and what looks like a half a slice of processed american cheese.  To top it off there is no straw and no napkin.   The biscuit while greasy in your hands managed to be quite dry when you ate it.   The egg was over cooked and the cheese microwaved beyond recognition.   Strike Three.

So Hardee’s, I’m not sure why everyone loves your breakfast cause I will never be back.  Don’t berate me in the comments.  If you love Hardee’s so be it, me, nope.



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