Dimaggo’s Italian- Zephyrhills

Decided to try this place twice before I commented on it.   While the menu isn’t huge, I like that they have fewer selections and can prefect those menu items.   There are several seafood items, several non-seafood and a few pastas.

Robert had the fish last week and said it was very tasty.  I ordered the pork chop and when I asked it to be cooked medium the chef actually came out to ask exactly how I wanted it cooked and suggested he broil it.  He even came back half way thru the meal and asked if it was cooked the way I wanted.   And imagine – my 3 favorite foods on the plate at one time – pork chops, green beans and scalloped potatoes.  Everything on the plate was delicious.   The pork was juicy and tender, the green beans fresh grilled with garlic and the potatoes were heavenly.

Shannon ordered the chicken alfredo and for the first time ever, did not have to ask for extra sauce.  The pasta was tender, cooked very well and the sauce fresh, not packaged and reheated as most alfredos.   You can always tell an alfredo sauce is fresh if the butter separates when you heat it up.  Shannon had enough to eat dinner and share the leftovers with someone else for lunch the following day.

We went back yesterday and of course I ordered that pork chop and potatoes again only this time it came with sweet glazed carrots.  I’m not a fan of sweetened sauces or sauces in general but the carrots were wonderful.

So in review, prices are not cheap but they aren’t overly expensive for a clean, very nicely decorated restaurant with excellent food.  I think the pork chop dinner is $23 which isn’t bad compared to a $10 burger at Chili’s.  Dinner even comes with garlic bread, and a sampling of pepperoni and cheese.




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