WOW – Great Cookout

Well our cookout was nothing fancy just the neighbors and a co-worker of Shannon.  Thank you MS. Tonia for joining us.   I made all the sides and Robert cooked the meat on the smoker.  This might possibly have been the best chicken I’ve eaten and it was definitely the best corn I’ve eaten.   Nothing fancy on the seasoning just some tex joy, let it come to room temp and put it on the smoker for several hours.   We tried cherry wood this time and it gave it a wonderful smoke flavor without over powering like the hickory and mesquite did.  To finish it off, I wrapped corn in bacon (no reason except bacon is awesome) then we smoked it for an hour and put on the gas grill for 10 minutes to crisp up the bacon.  I didn’t get a finished corn picture as they gobbled it up fast as I could plate it.   Saturday the leftover beef and chicken were dinner and last night the leftover pork because some tasty pork sandwiches.


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