Weekly Random Thoughts

Usually I don’t discuss having lupus unless I simply need to make someone aware of it for one reason or another.  When I do the initial response is oh yes I have or I know someone who has fibromyalgia (or however you spell that).   I don’t know why it bugs me so much, but it does.

There is no research fibromyalgia is an auto immune disease.   They share a few but rarely major similarities.  Lupus affects joints, skin and nearly every internal organ we have.  Fibromyalia causes tender muscles and joint pain.  While they both have their issues and situations to deal with they are not the same.

I think it’s because most of these diseases used to be a catch all for the medical profession.  Tens of years ago if they couldn’t figure out why you were sick or in pain all the time they said you have lupus. Within the last ten years or so fibromyalgia was the new catch all.  Oh you’re in pain we can’t diagnose so that must be it.  I think that resulted in most people, even many medical professionals, to see these diseases as petty issues.  I would hazard a guess that not one of the medical professionals that have either one would say it’s a catch all.  I even have a doctor who claims she doesn’t believe in lupus.  Feels it’s just an excuse for medical professionals to “patronize” women who are dealing with many issues that are simply over sensitivity to pain.   Yes, I resisted the urge to slap her. I’d hate to know what she thinks of firbomyalgia.

This is why may of the auto immune diseases are not taken seriously by patients and medical personnel.   It makes me crazy.  Now you have the pain clinics that want to take daily meds away from people suffering constant pain.  I don’t take the meds but I know several friends that would suffer extreme life changes by taking away a simple anti-inflammatory.




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