Why Are We Always Looking to Blame

I guess the new excuse is mental illness.  I heard 2 news stories this morning on 970 talk.  One a police officer was shot several times serving a warrant and the other was a mother and child that was involved in a shooting and a house fire.   The news guy immediately pops up “well untreated mental illness is rampant in the US”.

So how did he come to that conclusion?  Why are we always looking to blame someone or something?  Part of the problem is we are so busy making excuses for evil people.  Like the school shooting in Florida.   All we heard for the first 3 days was he had mental illness issues.  Who determined that?  Under Hippa laws even if he did those records would wouldn’t be released and certainly not in 2 days.  No one started screaming mental illness until it was claimed by his lawyer.  Who also hadn’t met him before that day and couldn’t possibly know that.

It’s the same with bullying.  It’s an excuse for grown people that are just plain evil.  Kids have been bullied since the dawn of time.  It happened when I was in school and no one went home and got a gun.  No one killed innocent people cause they were bullied when I was in school.  We need to look at what we are teaching kids.    We are raising a society of weak, complaining, entitled adults.

The bottom line is, stop making excuses.  Accept that some people are just evil.  Some people are just cruel, heartless, unfeeling, etc.  Name it what you will but it’s not an excuse.  There is nothing and no one to blame but the person that did it.



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