Ta-Da. I Finally Arrived at Hotel Hartshorn

Ok people, you have not stayed at a hotel until you have stayed at Hotel Hartshorn.  Upon arrival you are met by two fur babies that are so excited to see you, no matter who you are.  Maggie and little Etta.    I’m so mad I forgot to get a picture of little Etta but I will include one of cuddle bug Maggie with the pictures.

Immediately upon being shown to your room, you realize it was arranged and decorated just for you.  From pineapples (because I stand tall and wear a crown and I’m sweet – lol) to chocolates, to a basket of necessities.  There was nothing the owners did not think of.  Even a handmade pillow to take home as a memory of your stay.  All that awesomeness and they still take you out for an amazing Indian dinner.  Chicken curry, chicken briania, tandora chicken and something really hot Mark ate that I don’t recall.  We even got to take it home and relax while we ate.  You can bet I’ll reserve a room here next time I come to Ohio.maggie.jpg


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