Michigan Here We Come

While I hated leaving poor Mark at home, I am hoping he got a chance for some me time as Jill and I got up Tuesday morning and headed to Michigan.  What’s another 7 hours in the car?

Our mission.  Meet Ms. Sue Johnson Blach.   I have known her online at least 8 or 9 years but never got to actually meet her.  Jill figured what the heck, ROAD TRIP.  So off we went.  After gas and McDonalds for breakfast, we arrived at the one and only Best Western in Lapeer Michigan.  What an amazing change from the one in Virginia but I’m trying to forget that nightmare.   After a great dinner at Applebee’s (it really was delicious) it was a dip in the pool and the hot tub and off to sleep.

What can I say about Sue and Duane?  What an awesome, friendly, amazing couple.  Their home and the property are as stunning as they are.  Duane hooked up his John Deere with the trailer and gave us a ride around the property.  I’m pretty sure that John Deere is his pride and joy.  He sure looked happy driving it.   We even got a picture from his game camera of our ride.

So glad Duane decided to join us for breakfast.  He is so adorable and turned pink each time Jill called him sexy cupcake.  I think he likes being a cupcake.  After breakfast it was a whirlwind of quilt shops, fudge and more quilt shops in Michigan.   I think Sue took us around half of Michigan.  We even ended back at Sue’s to have pizza before heading to the hotel for the night.  If you ever hesitate about meeting people in person or wonder if they are as nice in person as online, don’t let it stop you.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  They are such warm, friendly people and seem to really enjoy each other.  So GLAD I went.

We got so busy we never realized we didn’t take pictures of Sue and Duane but here are some I took and a couple I got from Sue’s pictures.  And I bet they are the only couple with a treadle sewing machine in the deer blind.

Thursday morning it was back up and head back to Ohio.  I wish we could have stayed longer. Such a wonderful couple.


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