The Wedding Quilt Is Gifted

I think this is the second largest quilt I’ve ever made.  Measures 96 x 96 and I love how it came out.  While I have struggled with making log cabin blocks, 240 blocks later I should know how to make them perfectly.   It’s hard to see it the photos but the border blocks are 4 shades of sage green.

I have only had one quilt professionally quilted before but I did finally decide to have this one done.  I am so thrilled with how it turned out.  Patti that quilted it did an absolutely amazing job.

Erin’s wedding is not till December but she just bought her first house so I decided to make it a wedding/housewarming gift and delivered it today.  They certainly loved it.  Turns out her soon to be husband as he put it, “absolutely loves quilts”.  I guess they must because her mom got 8 test messages saying she loved it, it was beautiful, etc.  It makes your heart happy when someone appreciates a quilt that much.   They left here headed home to put it on the bed.   I hope it brings them years of use.

I didn’t have any place big enough to lay it out for photos, especially with the dogs, but Patti sent me these photos.  I took one of it folded so it includes the binding.  So glad I decided on the stripe.


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