Here I am at home and work again.  While it pays the bills I sure do miss those family and friends.   What a blast it was but boy am I tired.  And while my main reason to go was to meet Sue and spend some time with my sister and her stud muffin husband, I have to share the goodies that I brought back.

Here is a beautiful vintage cabinet Mark and Jill bought me that I had seen on the marketplace.  It is absolutely beautiful and made an amazing place to display the 1923 Singer sewing machine Sue gifted me with while in Michigan.  I love them both and can’t wait to get the living room arranged so they are the stars of the room.   I’ll even have to put my quilting on hold till I get that done. PS – you know I had to fill it with fabric and I even fit 2 folded quilts in the bottom.

I wish I’d also taken a picture of the box of quilt patterns, cross stitch and crochet patterns Sue sent us home with also.   So neat cause not only did I just start crocheting a little again recently but Jill has wanted to learn as well.


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