Finally Something Completed

Sorry about the back pictures but I don’t have anywhere to hang them so Shannon holds them up best she can.  I realized my stack of quilts waiting to be basted was getting out of hand so I took a break from piecing and planning, and started basting the ones I had backing for.   I hadn’t realized I have 9 or 10 waiting to be finished but I finally got one done.

I bought this fabric in Marietta Ohio the first year I went to meet Jill and Mark.  There was a little shop I noticed by accident as I was heading home.   I don’t actually recall the name of it.  Very nice shop and turned out Jill actually knew the owner.  Unfortunately they apparently closed up this past month.

This was washed last night and is on it’s way today to be delivered to Shannon’s boss, Cindy.  Whenever one doesn’t have a home I pick one of the the people she works with and bless them with it.  I think I’m about half way thru the employees.


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