I Did It Again

I made that floral 4 patch posey that I fell in love with and few months back and had planned to keep, then I donated it to the church ladies luncheon.  After countless hours searching, I was able to find more of the fabric even though it was discontinued.   I am so glad I was able to find and that I decided to buy the entire 10 yards she had left.   Here is why.

Once I finished the new quilt, I showed it to one of the ladies in my monthly quilt group and she fell in love.  We both know I wanted to gift it to her, so I did.   So while I really wanted to keep it, she will get more joy out of it than I ever will.   And, if I cut carefully, I have enough to likely make me another one to keep.   So nice to be able to bless someone and still make one for myself.

Here is the one going to Sheryl.   Each one is a little different so no one had a duplicate.  This differs in the orange striped cornerstones and the small polka dot inner border.



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