Ahh The Hand Crank I Have Always Wanted – Well Kinda

For years I have coveted (yes I know we are not to covet, but I have) a Jones hand crank sewing machine.  At $300 and up, and knowing I’d not often use a hand crank, they were simply out of the budget.   Well, until now.  I called the vintage repairman to confirm we were set for Thursday to pick up that Singer 99 and he says, well if you’re coming over have any interest in this?  What does he sent me?  A Jones hand crank sewing machine.

Ok it’s not pretty.  But heck it’s a Jones .  No 35 he says. So that left me to discover what exactly is a Jones No. 35?  Before I could even begin researching he says it’s rare and yes it’s a bit run down but sews perfectly and he’d like $35.  What?  Did I hear right?  $35.  Of course that requires me to reach out to Sue Balch (guru of all machines non-electric).  Of course she said yes on the $35.

So I will be picking it up Thursday as well, which gave me some time to look into the No 35.  The No 35 was introduced in Britain just before WWII but production was short.  Only 20,000 of the No 35 was ever made.   They may call it short lived but 20,000 sounds like a lot to me.  No where could I find why they ceased making the No 35 or what exactly took it’s place.  I know Singer sewing machine factories closed during the war and made guns and ammunition.  Maybe that happened in Britain as well.

In 1936 these machines starting coming with a manual that told you how to add a motor if you wanted to which if you ask me, is pretty damn handy.  What I found says the later ones in April 1936 came with the manual and “electrifying”  instructions in the envelopes that had Jones CS marked out and No 35 stamped over it.  Makes you wonder if they had started production of the new machines and were using the manuals to get rid of the last of the No 35 models.

Funny. What info I could find was on British sites.  The few US sites I found that list all the Jones models seem to skip right over the No 35.  Maybe it is as uncommon as he claims.  Either way let’s hope she cleans up some cause she is kinda ugly.   I had debated using her condition as an excuse to have her painted red.  I would love a red vintage machine but can’t make myself strip a nice, well cared for machine.   This one would fit the bill but if they are that uncommon, I think I’ll leave it unpainted – for now.    I’ll give you more pics after I pick her up this week.   Ahhh that vibrating shuttle bobbin again.

Funny  the machines before and after these were very decorative but this old girl didn’t get all those fancy gold decals.  Here’s a link to a bit of Jones history if you’re interested.






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