Oh These Vintage Machines

I purged my collection a few years back but I just can’t leave them alone forever so started looking again.  Well ok, I didn’t start looking again.  It was more like someone offered me an older Singer 221 then a few months later someone gifted me an older German made Singer treadle.  Ahhhh that addiction raised it’s ugly head.

So of course when I saw a Singer 221 that looked nice for $180 I brought it home to live.  She’s the one I mentioned in a prior post.  All I knew was the seller said it would run. but not sew.  What a surprise.  Someone else picked it up for me so all I had till then were pictures.  I opened that little black case and there she was.  Shiny as the day she was born.  She doesn’t have a scratch in sight.  Her decals looks like new and she had such amazing accessories included.  A tube of original Singer motor grease, her original bobbin box, manual, some feet and an adorable little can of Singer oil.

So the question is, why won’t she sew.  After about 20 minutes she was purring like a kitten.  Her bobbin had been installed wrong and the whole area was knotted up.  So maybe as soon as I get caught up she will get a good oiling but she now has her place on display.  She will likely be the one I take back and forth to class.



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