I’ve tried to keep this pandemic hysteria out of my blog but let’s face it, it’s become a big part of daily life.  I refuse to listen to news and TV that plays us all the doom and gloom but once the shut downs started it was hard to ignore.  Because of my lupus, I spent most of March just going from work to home and having Shannon get groceries or having them delivered.    Once Florida shut down, it’s been 5 weeks of just sitting at home.  While hard for most, being single it is interesting to say the least.  Been 4 weeks of me and the pups.  My niece came last week to help during a gout attack and it was nice to have company besides  barking dogs.    Thankfully the Lord has kept this virus away from my family.

Had to tease my niece when the new masks and scrub hat came in.   Kathlyn, one of the lovely ladies in my online quilt group, made them for my daughter.  They were so pretty, I decided to keep one set for myself.   She was cleaning so I “geared up” for working at home with company.   Amazing what’s funny when you haven’t left the house in weeks.


Haven’t done much during this shut down but mostly because I’ve spent the last 22 days of it working thru my worse ever gout attack.  Left me barely able to do much but stay off my feet.  I did get a few things done.  Not much as I do still work online most days, but I was able to start giving my machines spa day.

This one was given to me by my amazing brother in law for Christmas last year.  I sat down last week and gave her a nice coat of oil, new needle, new bobbin and adjusted everything so she sews nicely.  I think I will use it for my paper piecing.    Changing machines is going to be easier than changing feet and settings on my main machine when I want to do something different.   I love this machine.  Color is amazing and it came from Coolville Ohio.  How often can you say that?  Also check out that Longaberger basket.  My friend Kenetha sent me a few last week as she was cleaning out closets.  I LOVE them.


This machine just kind of fell in my lap.  My new groomer came to the house and brought her husband.  He didn’t mention anything about my machine collection but 2 days later I got a call.  Heidi said they were moving mom to assisted living and would I like the machine she had as he didn’t want it going to charity or sold.   He wanted it to go to someone that would use it.  So here she is, named after her owner, Wylene.   1971 New Home with every cam and accessory found in the drawers. Gave her a drop of oil as a precaution but she runs like scissors thru silk.    Beautiful machine that has been well taken care of.    Hard to find nowadays as most just let them sit in the attic or garage.   You can’t see it but she has a new Longaberger basket on her table also.

new home

I also took a few hours during stay at home order and drained, cleaned and refilled my hot tub.  Now just to make myself use it.    So other than that a a very minimal amount of sewing, I haven’t done much during Covid 19.

hot tub


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