It would be hard for me to explain how impressed and encouraged I am by my sister Jill.  She has overcome so many medical issues and still deals with so many today but is so positive, so giving and so loving to literally everyone she meets.   If someone asked me what I wanted to be once I grow up, my answer would be Jill.   She is simply an inspiration.  She never forgets a birthday, always makes a call when you need to hear from someone, never misses sending a sympathy, Christmas, birthday card.  If you need help she is always there, even 900 miles away.

That being said, I have to brag on her.  She came last Thanksgiving and I know they were likely bored stiff as half way thru the visit I got terribly sick.   They were kind enough to stay and help me and we were actually able to fit in ONE crochet lesson.  After an hour or so of learning a crochet stitch, she went home and a few short months later I received this amazing shaw.    I can’t imagine how hard she studied and worked to make this with one single lesson.  I LOVE IT.  Perfect weight for a cool Florida morning to sit out with the pups or head to work.


I have to brag a little more.  Again on what she has accomplished with only about 2 days of sewing lessons a couple of years ago.  She has made a few beautiful quilts, pillows and runners but I was really impressed with her recent finished one.    No pattern, no fabric directions, etc.  She just saw a picture online, drew out her pattern and made this beautiful cat quilt for her friend named Cat.  Don’t you love it?



2 thoughts on “MY SEXY SISTER

  1. You are too sweet. I aspire to be you all day long. Noone else anywhere, ever.. has ever known a sister who is even 1/10th as amazing as my SEXY sister Vicky.


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