Trying To Catch Up

I have had a terrible issue with gout in my feet and been unable to sew almost the entire month of April and May.  I’ve tried to hold off sewing but there is no way I can not sew at all, so I’ve tried to limit it to just a few minutes a couple of times a week.  Thankfully they seem to be letting up this week so I can sew more.

I was able to do the binding on this one while I was not sewing and it was delivered to one of my daughter’s co-workers.  I think after 4 or 5 more I might have gifted one to all the employees at Planned Pethood.  Pethood, not parenthood.   Everyone seems to read that wrong.   This was my first attempt at octagons and I decided to mix octagon blocks and 4 patch posey blocks together.   I really like how it turned out.  So much so I have another one in the works.  I hope the owner enjoys it.



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