I Learned Something New

During our month of working at home, I got to play a little more than usual with some of my vintage machines.  I posted about a beautiful New Home I was recently given but it’s been driving me crazy.  I bought a 1/4 in foot for it and I can’t get it lined up.  I had pretty much decided that the needle bar was somehow damaged and/or bent.  I finally put it away and figured I’d give my blue Brother a spa day and sew with it some.   It’s a totally awesome blue machine my amazing brother in law gave me for Christmas 2019.  Who else can say I have a blue sewing machine that came from Coolville.  Yes, that’s a real city in Ohio.

Being the same type of machine, I thought ok I can use the 1/4 foot on this one.  Damn if it doesn’t work either.  If I take off the foot that came with the machine and replace it, the needle hits the new foot.  I finally decided to leave them till I could take them to my repair guy and see what happened.  So 2 weeks later what’s the chance one of the ladies in my online quilt group posted about her “left homed”  machines.  Turns out my machines aren’t damaged, they just work a straight stitch with the needle to the left of center.  I would never have known that.  She lucked out getting a couple of machine feet but even the person selling didn’t know what they were.

What was the luck that right after I found the issue she would post a comment about it on our group.  So while I know I’m not crazy, looks like the quarter inch will be marked with tape.  I’m not holding my breath on finding any left homed feet.

Be blessed.  Vicky


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