Updates To The House

While I was gone my friend Kenetha was gracious enough to deliver some furniture pieces her friend offered me for my sewing room.   Unfortunately their mom passed away and they wanted to find a good home for her quilt room pieces.  I absolutely love them and my son in law was kind enough to get them ready for me.

I decided to put the shelving unit in the living room and had a wall it fit perfectly on.  Needless to say it is also the perfect place to store my overflow fabric.  That’s fabric that doesn’t fit into the fabric cabinet.  Yes I have one of those lol.

I can’t begin to tell you have much I love the huge cutting table.  The drawers are an added bonus where I can store a lot of odds and ends that normally get left laying around.

I may stencil the one in the living room or paint it eventually as it’s very white next to the antique machine cabinets, but maybe not.  I really like it as it is.  I love how nice the tweed baskets look with my grey sofa even though you can’t see it in the picture.






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