Life Seems to Fly By

I’ve been so busy lately and I don’t think I even know doing what.  I literally work and take care of the house and the dogs.

I did get to add a couple new sewing machines.  Only one was planned on.   Jill, my amazing sister, picked me up a Minnesota A treadle in a parlor cabinet in Ohio right before the Covid 19 quarantine and other a client brought me after his aunt passed away. I’m pretty sure my collection is done unless I find the elusive red machine.  I do have a salmon one you haven’t seen yet as I’m waiting to see if she can be repaired.

This White is simply beautiful and looks like she just came out of the factory.  She had a bit of dust on her and needed a drop or 2 of oil and WOW.  She even has her manual.  I really love that she’s in a smaller cabinet also.

The second pictures are the Minnesota Jill and Mark picked up and stored for me until I came to Ohio. Can’t wait to learn to use a shuttle bobbin.   She is absolutely beautiful.





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