Wow I’ve Been Absent Again

I usually forget to come back and update my blog but then again, my life isn’t overly exciting and there isn’t usually a lot going on. So what’s happened or what have I gotten done since last here, hmmmm?

I did finish a few quilts I can share. These 2 were for the doctors at the veterinary clinic my daughter works for. Dr. Ertel is a Vietnam vet so I made him a Bento box quilt using red, white and blue fabrics with a red/white swirled backing. I think it came out really nice.

The second one posted is for Dr. Brainard. He loves bright, colors. In fact he and my daughter have an on-going sock contest to see who has the most colorful or weirdest socks. The pattern I made him is called Under the Stars and has a ton of different colored batiks with a purple backing. He loved it. In fact he sent me a very nice thank you card. Luckily I wash all the quilts before they are delivered because as you can see once again Argus photo bombed me.


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