A Few More Finished in 2020

Here are a few more I have finished and finally gifted. The hexagon one with the gold accent fabrics was my attempt at again trying to enjoy making hexagons or one block wonder quilts. I’ve accepted the fact that while I enjoy making the octagon blocks, I don’t care much for the 6 piece hexagons. I still think it came out quite pretty. I wanted to gift to a friend Brenda who has been dealing with a lot of medical issues and surgeries. She’s having to use a wheel chair till it’s all resolved and it turned out the perfect size to use for her doctor visits.

This batik one is called Magic Tiles. Still one of my favorite patterns when I want something easy, yet striking. It works out pretty in almost every color combo. This one was made using tropical batiks by Lunn Studio. I sent it to a co-worker of my son in law who wanted it for a new baby. Made the perfect size to carry it around so you have some place clean to lay the baby. I think the burnt red accent lines really worked nicely with the blues and greens.

The 3rd one has no pattern name. I just mixed octagon and 4 patch posey blocks and sashed with a lavender. I love how the lavender makes the small amount of purple in the tiger lily print stand out. It needed a color boost with all the drab orange and whites in the print. I gifted to my friend Sue who had to finally give up her home and move to an assisted living apartment. She needed a pick me up and loved it.


One thought on “A Few More Finished in 2020

  1. These are just beautiful!!!!!!! I think the creation from your heart is just incredible and then the transformation they make into the gift you have given them makes them even more beautiful!!!!! I can only imagine what glory they beam into every new story, new life and new home they land. What cheer and love and absolute splendor you’ve put out into the world!!!!! I think the story of each new home and each new journey they are on is amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


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