I’ve Been Gone A While

Hard to believe I haven’t posted here since October but then again I don’t live an overly exciting life. However, I did have an amazing visit from my sexy sister Jilly and her handsome hubby Mark. They are such amazing people that I just wish they’d come for a visit one day and decide to never leave.

We had our usual chiil-cation for a week and did things around town. Unfortunately with all the Covid nonsense we couldn’t do a lot but we had a great time just spending time with each other. We did get to have chicken wings at Beef’s and I know Mark was looking forward to that.

After a week of visiting, we took a second week and went to Mississippi to visit Judi, one of the ladies I’ve known forever in our facebook quilt group, but only online. Wow her and her hubby Johnny were such easy people to meet and spend time with. Kinda of like family you finally got to meet. We had a great time and even drove around Alabama before we came home.

I love these two and can’t wait till I can live where I can see them all the time. So funny, my dogs love Mark. They check his room every morning for a week after he leaves before they finally accept he isn’t hiding in there.


One thought on “I’ve Been Gone A While

  1. Vicky is the most special sister anyone could ever have!!!!!!!
    The best place to be is QueenVs!!! Wait….that sounds better than Tom Boddetts gig for Motel6.
    Learning some quilting and crocheting was sexy too!!!!!


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