A Few Finished Quilts

I’m working to finish some quilts before 2020 ends so that in 2021 I have no promised projects and no deadlines. I want to take that year and really concentrate on some new techniques or blocks, some blocks or designs I’ve struggled with in the past or just things I’ve always wanted to do.

I still have a 4 or 5 I’ll need to quilt, but I am on the piecing of the last one I have promised. Fabric for the borders should arrive this week and I can finish it up. In the meantime I did finish my tribute to Trump. Sounds funny but I call it the Wall. I had intended to layer it like the usual shadow box but as I added the grey sashing I ordered, I realized it looked like cement with bricks in it. Hence, my wall quilt. Marilyn’s husband Ken loved it so it’s been delivered to him as a gift.

The next one I got finished was my hexagon radish. I made a hexagon a few years ago then bought this as I was excited to see how it would look. Turns out I don’t really like the look of the one block wonder quilts so I added some coordinating triangles and made my own design. I was really surprised how pretty it came out for a fabric that was just radishes with leaves. Some of the hexagons almost look like Christmas wreaths. This one doesn’t have a home yet but it will eventually.


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