My Body Part Quilt

I have become addicted to making octagon quilts. I really love mixing the octagons blocks with 4 patch posy blocks. I started wondering if you could take really ugly fabric and make it look great by making octagons? The thing with them is you don’t really know in advance what the finished blocks will look like. So, I set out on a quest to find a really ugly fabric and see what it came out like. I settled on this fabric called Bright Smoke. I tried to see in my mind what it would work into but there was no telling till you at least cut it out.

If you’re like me you’re looking at this going, hmmmmm. Well off I went. Lined up my repeats and started cutting. I have to say I was surprised how it came out. I like it as it’s very unique but my dog groomer walked in while I was laying out octagons to sew and she flipped. She said she couldn’t imagine that fabric made that but she was in love. It has since been finished and it’s jokingly referred to as my “body part” quilt. There are blocks of legs, heads, boobs and even one that is butt crack pieces. The day I showed it to her finished she even stayed while I washed it as she was excited to take it home. I would have to guess it’s without a doubt, one of a kind.


One thought on “My Body Part Quilt

  1. I am still so amazed at how each time you set off to make✂️🧵 one of these kinds of quilts, just how amazing 😎🥰and unique they are. It was so much fun looking at all blocks 🔲🛑 to see what body part 💪🦵😏🤭👄👂🤸🏻‍♀️🍑 is highlighted💡. The cornerstones 🔲❤️ are just amazing,too!!!!!! The layout with the 4patch and the cream sashing, pewter cornerstones
    all really and elevate the beauty of that body part ❤️👂🤸🏻‍♀️🍑💪🥰🦵🧵quilt!!!!!


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