Hello Chick Fil A

Being gluten free means so much pre planning. I have to know what I have for breakfast and lunch so it’s ready to go. Not too hard as I can simply make some grilled chicken for a few days at a time or slice ham in advance.

Today I was enlightened. Everyone was ordering Chick Fil A and asked what I wanted before remembering I can’t eat gluten. But hey, did you know? When I looked it turns out Chick Fil A offers a gluten free bun. It’s individually packaged so it doesn’t touch other buns and comes sealed so you have to assemble your own sandwich. I called and they also said while not a gluten free environment, the waffle fries are in a dedicated fryer and gluten free and so is the grilled chicken breast.

So while I know I chance a slight gluten cross contamination, it’s Chick Fil A. I’ll let you know how it was after lunch.


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