Gluten Free Bread – The Good, The Bad And the Ugly

The Bad: I wanted to love Chick fil a for making a gluten free bun but they hyped it too much. They talked about how they worked so long and so hard with a bakery to get it just right. The owner of the bakery was even gluten free. I still doubted because if you’ve ever eaten gluten free bread, you know it sucks. So last week I took the plunge and gave that bun a try. Now I wish I had not. The bun comes in an individual plastic wrapper and you make the sandwich yourself. That made me nervous as I wondered how long they had it hanging around. While I have to say it wasn’t disgusting, to say it was a good bun, was a long stretch. Very long. If you like full wheat grain bread you would like it better. It kind of has a dirt texture and basically tasted like a stale whole grain wheat bun. I wouldn’t order again.

The Ugly: Canyon Bakery bread. Celiac site said oh it’s great. Hmmmm NO. If you like nasty, spongy, weird tasting bread it was delish for only $6 a loaf. I looked and they are one of the sponsors of the celiac website. That explains a lot.

The Good: If you’re gluten free you’re likely like me and have given up on bread. A good one haven’t found it’s way to me in the past. However, I found one this week that I would buy again and recommend. Not only is the bread good, but the name and descriptions crack me up. It’s called HAPPY CAMPER BREAD. I ordered the Classy Slice and it was good. It actually made my to date, favorite grilled cheese. I also tried the Buckwheat molasses and it made great toast. In fact it’s rare to find a GF bread that will actually toast but it does. Next week I’ll be trying to Hemp Hemp Horray. Crazy name but I think it will be good. It’s pricey but so is any gluten free bread and this is one you can eat.

Have a blessed day.


One thought on “Gluten Free Bread – The Good, The Bad And the Ugly

  1. That’s awesome you found a gluten free bread that’s actually delicious!!!!! Happy Camper Indeed.
    I know exactly that bread you are talking about, that’s so terrible. I’d file it under “Edible Couch cushions”…. Although as u said about gluten free not toasting, I bet a couch cushion would definitely toast.
    So glad your gluten free adventures are going so well.
    I look forward to more reviews on the gluten free sagas of ordering out.
    I’m excited to see what new things you personally come up with. You always make such amazing things. So this could result in some new recipes.


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