I’m Creating More Quilters

A former co-worker of my daughter is moving back to our area and will be staying with me for a while till she gets back on her feet. She’s also my dog groomer so that makes life easier. Imagine my surprise when she said “oh I’d love if you could teach me to quilt”. Well needless to say, I’ve created another quilter.

I gifted her one of my vintage machines so she has a 1950’s Singer 99 all oiled and ready to go. Her first project was a jelly roll race to get used to sewing that elusive 1/4 in accurately. That’s done and while she’s waiting on me to quilt it, she started on a string quilt for her daughter. I warned her about telling people she is quilting and she laughed but she’s already had 3 requests for a quilt. LOL. Live and learn.

She’s been having trouble with the vintage machine so since yesterday was her birthday, I gifted her a little Brother. Nothing fancy but I told her as she progresses, she can upgrade.


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